NEW Giant Bundle! Everything we have for $35.00!

Image of NEW Giant Bundle! Everything we have for $35.00!


This is a GIANT bundle package!! You get everything listed plus more freebies for only $35.00 + Shipping!
You will get (as well as other randoms):

1 - *NEW Brothers Gross "Sight & Sound" DVD Album w/CD included.
(Bad Track Records)
(Normally $10.00)

1 - BROGRO "Ready To Roll" 7" Record on random mix color vinyl w/mp3 download card. Lmtd 500 press. (Bad Track/Sexy Baby Records)
(Normally $6.00)

1 - T-Shirt Design of your choice (Red Design, YELLOW 'WILD ONE' DESIGN SOLD OUT, White Design and NEWLY ADDED 'DEAD OR ALIVE' Design) Sizes Limited, Mens Sizes Only, Dead or Alive shirts designed by Alex Hagen and printed by Full Breach 77! (Inquire about girls shirt sizes available) Last Runs of these designs forever!
(Normally $12.00 each)

2- Stickers - BROGRO and BROTHERS GROSS on yellow vinyl
($1.00 value)

1 - Embroidered Patch in your choice of color
($3.00 Each)

1 - Small 1-1/4" Button
($1.00 Each)

1 - Large BROGRO WILD ONE Button
($2.00 ea)

1 - Large BROGRO WILD ONE Magnet
($3.00 Value)

Sight & Sound Cassette Tape (Lmtd. 25 only, very rare and only while supplies last!)
($5.00 Value)

PLUS OTHER RANDOM CDs, Stickers, Buttons of other bands and projects we play in and what other random crap we wanna throw in.
(Priceless Value)

If you bought these items separate it would cost you $42.00! Plus you will get extra stuff to make it even more worth while!! ALL items ship 1-2 days after ordering as always. You will get your money's worth for $35.00 plus shipping in this very nice care package!